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Fresh Organic Milk straight from the herd

The farm has been in Chris’s family for hundreds of years. 

I have always struggled to drink raw milk but I really enjoy the taste. One night we were up late chatting and the dream of a milk vending machine supplying pasteurised milk begun. 

We wanted to share with everyone what fresh creamy pasteurised milk actually tasted like. Especially in a coffee, it froths up like no other milk can. 

Not the milk you find in the supermarket. The cream rises to the top like it should. So you can sneak it into your breakfast before the family get up or give it a shake and pour. 

I hope you enjoy our products that are made with love and care of the animals and land. 

The shed brings happiness to families and people that visit. You can sit with a cup of coffee while the kids play in the sand pit. 

Or you can just enjoy a drive out to the country for a bit of peace and quiet. 

We are based near Waterhay, SN6 6QY

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Want to know more about our milk?

Want our FREE guide?

Really want to taste our creamy milk but unsure how to use the machines?

Click on the guide below to give you all the info. 

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